Matisse museum is exceptionally closed today on Thursday April 12th 2018, because of the closure of the Arènes garden as a result of the bad weather and of the orange vigilance level in the city.

The museum is renovating : The 3rd floor of the museum is partially closed for renovation. Part of the collection will be presented in the 2nd floor.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Because of the preparation of the big summer exhibition on 2018 Matisse et Picasso, la comédie du modèle (June 23rd - September 29th, 2018), the Matisse museum will be closed from Tuesday, June 5th and will reopen on Friday, June 22nd for the opening of the exhibition (schedule to be specified).

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Matisse et Picasso, la comédie du modèle

June 23th - September 29th 2018

Hélène Adant
Matisse dessine Lydia, Le Régina, Nice, v. 1952,
tirage d'après fichier numérique © Fonds Hélène Adant, Bibliothèque Kandinsky,
Mnam/Cci, Centre Pompidou, Paris
Photo : © Fonds Hélène Adant, Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Exhibition organized for Picasso-Méditerranée, an initiative of Musée national Picasso-Paris and realized with the exceptionnal support of Musée national Picasso-Paris

The Matisse Museum is situated on the hill of Cimiez, not far from the Franciscan monastery with its Italianate gardens, the Hotel Regina where Matisse used to reside, and the Gallo-Roman ruins. Since the 5th of January 1963 the Museum has been welcoming vistors to its collection of works left by the artist (and his heirs) to the city of Nice where he lived from 1918 until 1954.

Adress : 164, av. des Arènes de Cimiez 06000 Nice.
Tel : (+33) (0)4 93 81 08 08 (informations)
Tel : (+33) (0)4 93 53 40 53 (conservation)
Fax : (+33) (0)4 93 53 00 22

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Some works might be missing for lending or conservation reasons. [more information]
Works placed in storage at the moment :
Henri Matisse, Danseuse créole, Nice, 1950, paper cut-outs
Henri Matisse, Les Abeilles, Vence, 1948, paper cut-outs
Henri Matisse, Nu bleu IV, Nice, 1952, paper cut-outs
Henri Matisse, Femme à l'amphore, Nice, 1953, paper cut-outs

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